When you lose patients,
you lose key data

Bioclinica's L2FU™ rapidly reconnects sites with lost patients, helping bring potentially life-changing treatments to patients faster.

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Watch the L2FU™ Webinar

  • What steps should you take to retain patients?
  • Why should you reconnect with missing patients?
  • How can you account for patients lost to follow-up?
  • What resources can help you find missing patients?
  • How do you evaluate a patient tracking service?
Watch the Webinar

Watch the L2FU™ Webinar

Find out what you can do to locate missing patients and get your study back on track.

Lost To Follow-Up Webinar Screenshot


Bernard Hall

Bernard Hall, Lead Bioclinica L2FU™ Specialist, has 12 years of experience as a patient recruitment and retention specialist, including leading our L2FU service. He has contributed to successfully reconnecting over 200 clinical trials with patients who are lost to follow-up in more than 60 countries, spanning numerous therapeutic areas, and also trains our internal team on data privacy.


  • Steps you can take to retain patients in your clinical study before they are lost to follow-up
  • Engage with study sites to provide support and resources finding missing patients
  • How to ensure you meet regulatory processes and requirements around the world
  • Actions that can be taken to account for patients lost to follow-up
  • Key qualities you should seek in a patient tracking company
  • Resources you can use to find your missing patients

Avoid the Loss of Patient Data by Efficiently Finding Patients Lost to Follow-up

Our Lost to Follow-Up expert, Bernard Hall, will guide you through our key strategies for efficiently finding patients who are lost to follow-up in this 30-minute webinar presentation, including Q&A and quick polls

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Your success depends upon the timely submission of complete and accurate data.

Trial Delays Are Expensive
6% of clinical trials
are completed
on time
27% of patients dropout
after 48 months
of follow-up
81% of studies reported patients lost
to follow-up

Losing PATIENTS = losing critical DATA

Your compromised data may result in the “tombstone” press release — “While the data from the trial showed ‘positive trends,’ the results were not statistically significant and the endpoints were not met.”

Bioclinica L2FU™ Average Results
10 days global avg time
to locate subjects
(48hr US avg)*
90%+ success rate
in all countries
55+ countries in which we’ve successfully located patients

Bioclinica L2FU™ Reduces the number of patients lost

For over 25+ years the Bioclinica L2FU™ service has rapidly reconnected sites with lost patients, helping bring potentially life-saving and life-changing treatments to patients faster.

Bioclinica L2FU™ stores data real-time in a secure, proprietary portal

L2FU Portal

Secure access and exchange of information ensures data privacy.

  • Secure transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) between the L2FU team and site only, with full audit trail*
  • Conditional access
  • Real-time review of blinded data via reports
  • Data entry by sites of last known information for patients lost to follow-up
  • Retrieval of updated PII and vital status

The portal is a fully validated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant tool utilized to facilitate encrypted patient data exchange between the Bioclinica L2FU™ team, study sites and sponsors in a secure online environment.

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*Sponsor only has access to blinded patient data.

We are


We operate in more than 60 countries worldwide


We specialize in finding missing patients and data for clinical trials.


Our methods have achieved a 90% success rate.


We can customize our approach to meet your study’s needs.


Our online portal facilitates encrypted exchange of information.


Average time to locate patients in N. America is 48hrs — 10 days globally


25+ years of experience recruiting, retaining and re-entering patients.


We have found more than 1,500 patients.

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