Lost Patients?We’ll find them.

Drop outs cost you money and compromise your clinical study’s data integrity. L2FU has 10+ years of experience locating study subjects quickly and accurately.

Official Guide to Lost to Follow Up Management

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Study Coordinators are not trained for detective work in finding missing patients. Leave that to us.

Our team has access to public and proprietary global databases containing millions of vital patient records to locate your study subjects quickly, and in some cases, bring them back to study visits. With our support, you'll not only improve the results of your study, you'll allow study coordinators more time to do what they do best — focus on patients.

90%Overall Success Ratefor L2FU searches

7Average Daysto locate missing subjects in North America*

* 14 to 28 days for international searches. Time needed to locate a patient varies by country, information provided and the sophistication of a country’s information infrastructure.

60+Countriesin which we’ve successfully located lost patients

Lost patients undermine the success of your clinical trial. Our team recovers patients quickly and accurately by relying on proven processes, rich databases, a unique, secure and regulatory-compliant online portal and the support of a specialized investigative team.

Why companies work with L2FU

Lower costs

Costs increase if you have to recruit more patients. Recovering lost patients lowers recruitment costs.

Stronger data

We help maintain clinical trial integrity by reducing missing data.

Shorter timelines

By recovering lost patients, you’ll reach your endpoint faster.

Official Guide to Lost to Follow Up Management

Download the booklet
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