Patients 'lost' from a clinical trial result in study delays, increased patient recruitment costs and compromised study data.

In fact, recruiting a patient costs five times more than retaining one.

L2FU, an affiliate of MediciGlobal Inc., provides critical solutions. We have years of experience proactively recovering lost study subjects. We proactively works with study sponsors, clinical sites and hospitals to swiftly recover patients and consequently, potential missing data.

We rely on:

Proven Processes

Minimizing the number of lost patients in a study requires proactive development and implementation of programs that keep patients interested and coming back for study visits. We also rely on access to public and proprietary databases containing millions of vital patient records.

Unique Online Portal

Our secure online portal is unique in the industry and allows information to be shared quickly and safely. The scope of access is limited and customized by function. Information is seamlessly exchanged across different time zones, in compliance with privacy laws and regulations. By putting this tool at the fingertips of study sites, patients can be located as soon as they are identified as missing. Finding and locating missing patients does not have to wait until the end of a study when data analysis is being conducted.

Experienced Team

It's our team of experienced experts that truly sets us apart. They draw on experience, a rich knowledge of the clinical trial industry and a sincere devotion to customer satisfaction. L2FU members will make sure lost patients are found as quickly as possible, and that you have the support you need.

L2FU clients include a diverse range of biopharmaceutical sponsors, clinical research organizations (CROs), academic clinical research organizations (ACROs), health care systems and universities, including:

EMD Serono
Astra Zeneca
Bristol Myers Squibb
Duke Clinical Research Institute
Kaiser Permanente

Clients retain our services because working with L2FUreduces clinical trial timelines and costs while enhancing compliance and maximizing success

Our priorities include:

Statistical Accuracy

Our team of experts and proven procedures will make sure your study is statistically sound.


Your study will comply with FDA, EMEA, regulatory guidelines or requests.


Your team has real-time access to vital updates on the status of subjects.


Your study will comply with GCP Guidelines related to information security.

Data Privacy

We maintain the highest level of patient privacy that exceeds industry standards. You maintain full HIPAA compliance.

Official Guide to Lost to Follow Up Management

Download the booklet
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